Mums&Baby yoga

Mum&Baby yoga

Mums&Baby yoga

Elisa Banfi has been practicing yoga for the past twenty years, so the decision to train as a yoga teacher has been a natural follow up. She teaches Yin and Vinyasa Yoga.

The Mum&Baby yoga class is the result of her experience as an expat mum with two young children. It’s a great opportunity for new mums to attend a yoga class not having to leave their baby and to get together and share with women going through the same phase of life. The class is suitable for mums with babies 6 weeks or older, until baby’s walking age. It focuses on postnatal issues, like abs recovery and pelvic floor strenghtening, and on feeling good in one’s own body.

Mum&Baby Yoga is sponsored by the wonderful DelftMama association. Check out their website on

For more information about Mum&Baby Yoga, contact Elisa on 06 19988239 or at

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